Sunday, March 20, 2011

Manson's Girls demo...finally.

After almost a year of smoking the weed and playing the tunes, Manson's Girls has finally recorded a demo. 5 songs. 16 minutes of groovin' jams recorded the right way: raw. Below is one of the songs on the demo: Rock Tumbler with Grinding Wheel. This song dishes out a whole lotta crunch, a little bit of wah, and a variety of thumpin' beats. So sit back, toke on that reefer, and enjoy the noise that Manson's Girls has to offer. There will be more to come...


  1. they were ok. you might want to check out the trasholes next time they play

  2. try checkin' MG out when we get to play at full volume. damn sound guy had me at like...1.5 master volume...