Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hannah Barabarian (R.I.P) @ The Hiding Place (R.I.P)

If you like fast and/or spazzy, check these dudes out. Hannah Barbarian was fast. Hannah Barbian was spazzy. Hannah Barbarian was...short lived. They played a couple shows, this one being at the Hiding Place (past Tacoma hot spot). Songs rarely get as short as this. Enjoy.


A band from...Kent? Who knew?

Anyhow, this is SuperNothing! Its catchy, its full, and its punk. They have an EP out entitled "Jesus Fucking Christ, Its an EP!" 7 songs, 20 minutes. Not bad. They're pretty active, and I'm sure you could find their name on a flier without too much trouble. Check em out live if you wanna see what Kent has been hiding! Here is a song called 'Your Time to Die'.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Apache Chief: Trail of Beers

If you're familiar with Tacoma and haven't heard the name 'Apache Chief' yet, well, the time is now. They've been around for a couple of years and they're still going strong. I've just finished listening to their new album (Trail of Beers), and it was worth all 32 minutes of my time. I was creeped out and disturbed for a few minutes here and there, but its all part of the experience. Do you prefer sitting on a couch too fucked up for your own good? Or maybe putting on your dancin' shoes and getting a little rowdy? Either way, this album will have something on it for you. Here are two cuts off of it: Mutation and Psychotronic. This should give you an idea of the diversity Apache Chief has to offer. Pick up a copy of Trail of Beers for yourself and hear the rest!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don't forget...

Another band that's no longer with us: Kamikazi Sex Pilots. The cheesy subject matter and upbeat tuneage make this band fun to listen to and even more fun to dance to. Hell, even skank to. When KSP did the ska/pop punk/whatever thing, they did it the right way. If you knew who they were, here's a song you most likely remember: Alien Sex Fiend. Ahhhh, nostalgia.

The Jury

The first (and second to last) time I saw The Jury I was eating lunch in my junior high cafeteria. They just...started playing. This was years ago. Considering the bum fuck town that we lived in, seeing kids my age play music that I knew as rock n' roll blew my mind. These were the same kids that ran the school with their shenanigans and debauchery, so at the time it was pretty damn cool. Looking back, its still pretty damn cool...I give you The Jury. Circa 2006.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fuck you I love Si Si Si

Surf meets rock n' roll meets party time. Si Si Si is one of the rowdiest bands around, which makes them perfect for 3 things: drinkin', dancin' & fuckin'. Find out where they're playing next and check it out...if you dare. This song's called Modelo. Have fun!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Tacoma got fast. Tacoma got hard. Tacoma got Bully. Bully is some sort of aggressive music Frankenstein. Call it whatever you want, but Bully is fast, noisy, chaotic, pissed off, heavy, and definitely punk. They have just released a split 7" (with Busted Bearings) and a split tape (with None). Here's a song from the split 7". Its called Brain Torniquet. Its also a cover by the band Neanderthal. You can find them playing in Tacoma frequently, so go check em' out and pick up a copy for yourself.

Another one bites the dust.

Media Mind played their last show in March 2011. They were a Seattle based band that had a good 'in your face' hardcore punk sound going. A local diamond in the rough for anyone who enjoys hardcore punk. 2 recordings are posted. The first is a song called Creepy Crawl off of their 1313 EP. The second is an unreleased version of a song called The Deep Sleep. Rest in Peace.

Stereo Upstairs

Another active band, but this one's from Seattle. Stereo Upstairs is a unique 3 piece that combines elements of indie rock, post punk, and a casual bit of pop punk here and there. This particular video is a live performance of an instrumental song, but they do incorporate vocals which are primarily sung by Riley (guitarist with magnificent hair).

Red Hex live in Tacoma

Two words come to mind when someone brings up "Red Hex": Hot shit. Whatever it is these cats are doing, its working. Loud noises. Catchy name. Groovy riffs. Nice hair cuts. All of this plus more make up Red Hex; an active Tacoma band that's got what you want. Watch this video and see for yourself. Or better yet...go out and see em' live!

Geist. Brace yourself...

Somewhere in Seattle at some point in time there was the band Geist. Something happened to em', and now they're nowhere to be found. Everything they released took heavy to the next level. From some powerviolence/noise hybrid to dark down-tuned punk, this band knows how to do it all. The first track posted is from their demo from early 2009, and its entitled Tar Water. The second track is from a self titled EP, and its name is MoonWatchers. There are some other cuts from their self titled EP on this seemingly deserted MySpace page:

Remember the Small Minds

There are a number of questions one would have to ask him/herself throughout the course of a Small Minds show. "Where the hell are these guys from? Are they drunk or sober? Do they even know their own songs? Is the amp supposed to be smoking?" Those are just a few. Sometimes one couldn't be sure whether they were witnessing a train wreck or a masterpiece. Perhaps both. Unfortunately Small Minds are not currently playing anymore, but anyone who got to see one of their few shows should consider themselves lucky. I filled in on drums a few times for em' and I remember Small Minds as being a fun band. Unpredictable and mysterious, but fun. Rest in peace. Here's a video from one of their performances at Silent Studios from June 2009.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A taste of awesome.

The acoustic guitar has found its master: John Skeens. This guy's sound falls somewhere between melancholy and enlightening. The song posted (Psilocybin) is a dreamy cut off of one of his more recent demos: There and Back Again. He's a Pierce County boy with a lot of stories to tell, and this is one of em'. Enjoy.

Manson's Girls demo...finally.

After almost a year of smoking the weed and playing the tunes, Manson's Girls has finally recorded a demo. 5 songs. 16 minutes of groovin' jams recorded the right way: raw. Below is one of the songs on the demo: Rock Tumbler with Grinding Wheel. This song dishes out a whole lotta crunch, a little bit of wah, and a variety of thumpin' beats. So sit back, toke on that reefer, and enjoy the noise that Manson's Girls has to offer. There will be more to come...